The Women’s Pioneer Society of Australasia’s Motto
means, from the beginning of the settlement.

The society is an organisation of WOMEN DESCENDANTS of Early Colonial Pioneers,
Government Officials, Military Personnel, Free Settlers and Convicts.

Womens Pioneer Australasia Bicentennial Statue

Statue Honouring the Pioneering Women of Australia

The Bicentennial Pioneer Woman Statue in the Jessie Street Gardens, Loftus Street, Circular Quay, Sydney.

Sculptor Dr Alex Sandor Kolozsy CDVA

The statue was commissioned by the Women’s Pioneer Society in recognition of the courage and endurance of our
Women Pioneers and their vital role in the development of this wonderful country, Australia.

It was unveiled by our then patron, Lady Rowland, on Saturday 19th November 1988.

Womens Pioneer Society Australasia Captian Phillip Head Green Image