On 7th June 1929, five women Miss Carlotta Doyle her sister, Mrs Kathleen Shekleton, Miss Iris da Silva
Waugh, Miss Inez Radford and Mrs. Mary Griffiths, all from Pioneer Families, met in the Royal Botanic
Gardens, Sydney, to discuss forming a Society of women descendants of the early Pioneers.
These five women were conscious of their heritage and the need to preserve the memory of their Pioneer
Ancestors. Miss Doyle hoped to weld the women descendants of early Pioneers together, as had Mr Douglas
Hope Johnston, already done for the men.
Miss Carlotta Doyle consented to undertake the formation of the Women’s Pioneer Society of Australasia.
Many attended the first meeting held by her. The Foundation President was Mrs Rita Lingham, a descendant
of Lt George Johnston of the Royal Marines who came out as A.D.C. to Governor Phillip in 1788. The first
Honorary Secretary was the Founder of the Society Miss Carlotta Doyle.
At the end of 1929, although a depression year there were 350 members who met in the rooms of the Country
Women’s Association in Adams Building, George Street, Sydney, until the Society was able to obtain its own
rooms in lovely old Burdekin House, Macquarie Street Sydney.
Note: Burdekin House was demolished in 1933.

Women’s Pioneer Society of Australasia AIMS

Through the example of their courage, their vision and their endurance, we strive to keep alive the best
traditions of the heritage of our pioneer families. And to remember the past whilst promoting the future.
To bring together in a strong organisation, the Women Descendant of Australasian Pioneers.
To maintain the names and traditions of our Pioneers especially the role of Women Pioneers and to assist in
the preservation and recording of all matter of historical interest.
To promote a better and more general knowledge of lives and work of the Pioneers of Australasia throughout
our own and other Commonwealth countries.
To foster and encourage the appreciation of Australian Historical Literature and to support the preservation
and acquisition of historical documents, letters and books, photographs and other works of art-especially
personal relics and their exhibition for the benefit of the public in the most suitable places and manner.
To hold the Society’s principal Historical Celebration on or about the 26th January by a suitable gathering, at
which the name of Governor Phillip shall be honoured.
The name “Society” was expressly chosen in order that it might undertake and carry out action, when the
need or occasion arose, which was consistent with the general advancement of Australasian Pioneer History.
The Women’s Pioneer Society of Australasia aims to promote the future by learning from the strengths and
weaknesses of the past.

Womens Pioneer Society Australasia Captian Phillip Head Green Image