7th June, 2019 will mark the 90th Anniversary of the formation of the Women's Pioneer Society of Australasia. In 1929, five women, from pioneer families, met in the shadow of the Governor Phillip’s Statue in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Their intent was to preserve the memory of our early pioneer settlers. These five women were:

Miss Carlotta Doyle (1870-1946) Ancestor: Cyrus Hastings Doyle
Mrs Kathleen Shekleton (1873-1959), her sister

Miss Inez M. Radford (1869-1950) Ancestor: Dr Henry Wyatt Radford

Mrs (R.C.) Mary F.P. Griffiths (1875-1957) Ancestor: Robert Fitz

Miss Iris da Silva Waugh (1879-1942) Ancestor: Lt. Col. Charles Cameron

We are seeking the descendants or relatives of these five women, the first committee, foundation members (listed under membership tab) or former members to join us to celebrate our 90th Anniversary. If you recognize any of these names from your family tree, or think your Ancestors were members of the Women’s Pioneer Society of Australasia throughout its 90 years, we would love to hear from you.

The First Office Bearers were

Mrs Rita (W.A.) Lingham (nee Johnston) 1875-1972) Ancestor: Lieut. Col. George Johnston

Vice Presidents
Miss Constance Mary Blaxland (1871-1955) Ancestor: Gregory Blaxland
Miss da Silva Waugh (1879-1942) Ancestor: Lieut. Col. Charles Cameron

Miss Alma Mary Laycock (1880-1950) Ancestor: Captain Thomas Laycock

Honorary Organising Secretary:
Miss Carlotta Doyle Ancestor: Cyrus Hastings Doyle

Mrs Caroline (W.M.) Fleming (1888-1967) Ancestor: Captain MacFarlane
Mrs Effie Isabel Segol (1871-1959) Ancestor: Andrew Hamilton Hume
Miss Elinor Mary White (1879-1964) Ancestor: Lieut. William Cox
Miss Stella Gertrude Collings (1882-1955) Ancestor: Lieut. Col. George Johnston
Miss Ruth Marjory Bedford (1882-1963) Ancestor: Rev Dr Bedford
Miss Corbetta Matilda King (1876-1934) Ancestor: Robert Jenkins
Miss Irene Stella Day (1886 - aft 1958 in Tasmania) Ancestor: James Raymond
Miss Eleanor Estelle Osborne (1877-1966) Ancestor: Dr. John Osborne
Miss Ruby Amy Hume (1881-1966) Ancestor: Andrew Hamilton Hume
Miss Lois Margaret King Kemp (1883-1966) Ancestor: Captain P. Gidley King

Dame Eadith Walker (1861-1937) Ancestor: Thomas Walker

Legal Adviser
Douglas Hope-Johnston Ancestor: Lieut. Col. George Johnston
Founder of the Australasian Pioneers Club in 1910
and Cousin of Rita Lingham

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