Monthly luncheons are held the third Wednesday of each month.

They are happy occasions with a variety of guest speakers, opportunities to socialize and meet the
Society’s members and are open to guests.
They include a light, two course lunch with coffee/tea – wine is available for purchase.
At least three times a year we have formal luncheons to commemorate Australia’s history –
January – Australian Day
June – The Commemoration of Pioneer Women
October – Governor Arthur Phillip’s Birthday


Wednesday, 15th August, 2018
Annual General Meeting
Guest Speaker: Graham Sims – Bea Miles – ‘An Aussie Free Spirit’
From the mid 1920’s until her death in 1973, Bea Miles was Sydney’s best known and unforgettable eccentric.  She wandered the streets of Sydney and (when she felt like it) other cities and towns – the bane of taxi drivers, bus and tram drivers and conductors. A remarkable, intelligent woman of prodigious knowledge and memory but of volatile and erratic behavior. Graham recounts Bea’s incredible story including his personal account with her and unique and recent input from her 92 year old niece, whom he has interviewed.
Cost is $35 for guests and $30 for WPS members.
Wednesday, 19th September, 2018
Guest Speaker: Guy Cooper – ‘Stories of Taronga’
From 1991 to 2009 when he retired, Guy was Director and Chief Executive of the Taronga and Western Plains Zoo. He presided over the huge re-development of both zoos and tells some interesting stories including the naming of new arrivals. He has been at the forefront in establishing many reforms in conservation, research and education.
Cost is $35 for guests and $30 for WPS members.
Wednesday, 17th October, 2018
Phillip’s Day Commemoration Formal Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Rae McLintock OAM – ‘The Consorts of the Governors of NSW 1788 to 1847’
Each year we commemorate Governor Arthur Phillip’s birth on 11 October 1738 in London and his role in safely bringing the First Fleet to Port Jackson.  Join us at 11.30 am for a short ceremony at Governor Arthur Phillip’s statue in the Royal Botanic Gardens (Macquarie Street entrance) before returning to the RAC at 12 noon for 12.30pm lunch.  As a former teacher, guest speaker Rae McLintock has a great ability to inspire enthusiasm in our history. Rae became a volunteer guide at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum in 1993 and from 1996 joined the volunteer guiding team at Government House. After preparing a manual about the Governors’ of NSW honours, orders and decorations as seen in their portraits, Mrs Linda Hurley (who will be attending our lunch) asked him about the availability of material relating to their wives. The result – Rae wrote another manual and he will share the stories of the earliest consorts.
Cost is $75 for guests and $70 for WPS members – Payable in Advance.
Wednesday 21 November 2018
Guest Speaker: Annette Guterres – ‘Remembrance’
In this 100 year Anniversary of the end of World War One, and the formation of the RAF, there are many commemorations to remember our fallen. One journey of remembrance by a group of Australian WW2 veterans stands out.  Not many folk in their nineties would be prepared to cross the world to attend a commemoration but a group of 17 Bomber Command veterans, accompanied by family and friends, undertook this journey in April 2018.  Annette Guterres is a WPS Member and was organizer of the trip.
Cost is $35 for guests and $30 for WPS members.
Wednesday 19 December 2018
Christmas Party

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